Bengt Ohlsson-effekten i New Yorker

Det verkar som Bengt Ohlsson spridit sig till gamla riot grrrl-sångerskan Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney) har influerats av Bengt Ohlssons uppgörelse med kulturvänstern:

Though Brownstein had taken full advantage of the riot-grrrl scene, it clearly wasn’t a long-term place for her. Brownstein loved the way that the movement had freed her to make angry, exuberant music, and she was grateful for her collaboration with Tucker. But she ultimately found life in Olympia oppressive: “When you’re indoctrinated into a scene, there’s this pride that comes with being accepted and understood by people you admire. But the flip side of that is this almost stifling sense of democracy. You put yourself down, to overcompensate for the embarrassment of riches or the little attention you get.” Even worse, she said, was “the élitism that passes itself off as inclusiveness.” She went on, “The rules are so esoteric, so hard to follow, that no one else could fit in. And what you’ll never admit to yourself is that you don’t want other people to fit in.”

The New Yorker Stumptown Girl